ADVICE ZONE: Am Scared! What Do I Do???

Hi Kisha, pls kindly post this for answers and advice from fellow bvs. Hide my Id pls. I am a 26yr old lady and not married. I want to say I have never been pregnant before in my life even in my careless moments. I know this is not a proud thing to say owing to the fact that I am still single.

The reason for my fears is that my fiance thought about it,I guess because he called me one day and asked me “dear,if you want to get pregnant, what do u do?” I was shocked to my bone. I told him nothing, that it’s God who gives children. We are planning our wedding but suddenly he begins to drag his feet and isn’t so keen about the preparations anymore. Jesus, Kisha….I have never been pregnant before, talk more of abortions.

Recently, I went to the hospital for check up, the doctor said I have infection, so he placed me on strong antibiotics,I related it to my fiancé and he treated himself too. Has anyone experienced this? Will this cause delay in conception for me in marriage?

I am becoming so uncomfortable, especially with my fiancé s attitude towards the wedding preparations.

Any suggestions for me from fellow bvs?
Should I be worried? So many questions on my mind

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