ADVICE ZONE: ‘Am Tempted To Cheat Because My Husband Can’t Satisfy Me’ – What Do I Do?

Good morning Kisha! pls pick my comment and use it for advice zone. This is the only way I can remain anonymous cos you already know me.

I’m s3x starved. Married to a lovely man, 6 years 3kids big dick but the s3x is horrible. I met him while serving and his hello was I will marry you.

Then I had a boyfriend of 5 years on and off who wasn’t ready to settle down so I used him to threaten my boyfriend to sit up and just once Kisha, just once I got pregnant.

The s3x has been horrible since the first day, wam bam thank you ma’am. Just like 30 strokes no exaggeration, in 2minutes we are done and I’m just beginning to feel the tempo. I’m not wide, I had my babies via cs, its war penetrating me.

I’m freaking neat and sexy.what can I give him to make him last, if he last for one complete minute know we used a condom , skin to skin is 30seconds.

I’m tempted to cheat,ex ,newbie anybody who will make me feel like a woman . I used to masturbate to help myself but now masturbation doesn’t cut it.I want the real deal. what do i do?

Mine*Madam did you say 30 seconds?As in 1 2 3 4 until 30?People with five seconds hubby be like ‘wow shes so lucky”.

He probably needs help medically or ya ponyor is too sweet and he cant last long. Please discuss the situation with him before you jump ship….s3x is not
food. It seems your hubby has premature
ejaculation. He doesn’t know how to
control his dick. You guys need a sex

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