ADVICE ZONE: Do I Return It Or Not?

Hi Kisha, please post this for me…its urgent. I need advice from my fellow silent visitors and Also your red pen is needed.

There’s this friend of mine,a former colleague though.she was married for 6 months before her elder sister who lives in the diaspora sent her an invitation to come see them when she (the sister)had her second baby.

She left the country and that was it.this happened two years ago and now I’ve left the office and almost forgotten about her because since she left nobody heard anything from nowhere she called yesterday telling that she trusts my advice and she is in a fix now.

I asked when she came back she said few weeks back that she wants to leave with oga back to the states I said OK that’s good because they don’t have an issue yet.

She opened up that that’s where the problem lies.they had their church,white and trad wedding before she left but she went as a single lady according to her.when I asked why ,she said its to cut down long procedures at the her reason of coming back was to come get married(what she told the authorities or whoever).

Now the certificate to present needs to bear a younger date than the former one and she can’t go for another wedding because the church(Catholic is against it) and can’t do registry since there’s no record of divorce according to her.
Left with no option,she thought of going to meet her cousin who is a reverend father and seek his help.after the explanation to the cousin,he issued her with a marriage certificate and they went their way.problem started when the senior priest who the cousin was serving under got to know about the torn out certificate and called the attention of the younger priest who admitted to being responsible,and told the priest everything detail as to why he had to to what he did.and also told him that the timing was so short owing to why he didn’t tell him before taking the decision and that he was waiting for the right time to inform him.

The senior priest got angry and reported the matter to the bishop who summoned the priest and after much queries and all,the priest was asked to return the certificate or face being shown the way out of priesthood.

The parents have been involved and the family of the priest is threatening the other family to fight them with everything they have if they do not do the needful.And the lady in question is bound to travel in less than two weeks.
she is asking what she should do…..

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