Advice Zone: I love My Fiancé But I Dont Like His Church; What Do i Do?

Hi Kisha and my fellow silent BVs. I am one of your silent BVs but trust me when I say my day is incomplete without your blog. What you have is a community of which I am a proud member.

I am a 32 year old lady and I have fought so many battles in the love and relationship thing. I am currently at that point where I am happy and grateful to God and just take one day at a time.
I have a well paying job from which I support myself and family comfortably and I consciously avoid all those “When will you marry?” people as I have had battles with depression in the past and I do everything I can to guard my heart diligently.

My problem now is that I met a guy that I’m really okay with about 3 months ago in the course of my job. He is in love with me and I love him too, he is into business which is usually up and down but I’m okay with him as he is quite responsible. He has made it clear that he is ready to settle with me and has started working towards our wedding.

He told me a while back that he had a spiritual attack from someone he thought was a friend and has been careful to avoid friends since then. He was almost losing his mind and sought help in Sabbath church ( please no disrespect to any BV who is a member).

I am a Pentecostal and so is he and I was okay with the church he attends and works as an usher but recently he has started going to this Sabbath church very often and just told me now that that is his main church.

I know a bit about Seven Day Adventist but I don’t know if its different from Sabbath he is attending. They wear white garment and worship like the whole day on Saturdays and are always having one feast or the other, the last one he attended was feast of trumpet.

Please, do we have any Sabbath or Adventist members in the house? Kindly enlighten me of these practices as it seems he wants to make that church his permanent abode and leave the chuch he told me he was attending.

He also expects me to join him there. No disrespect to any member but I have a bad impression about any white garment church.

I want to know what I’m getting myself into so I can quietly detangle now if I can’t handle it as I really can’t afford to enter a one chance marriage. I already plan to birth two kids if I clock 35 without marriage and I have a few volunteer sperm donors who are ready to co parent with me (don’t stop reading, I’m still a Christian, just one that believes in working out your life, no matter what odds you face).
Thanks in anticipation of your responses.

My opinion*I guess this post will help a lot of people going through same….I know nothing about white garment churches so cannot say if they are good or bad but they serve God in a different way,thats all i know

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