Advice Zone: I’m Scared Of Starting A Family With My Boyfriend Because He Attends “White Garment Church”

I’m 29 years old, and I’m about breaking up with my boyfriend of 1.5 years….
My boyfriend and his family attend a certain white garment church, the one called Brotherhood, at the onset of the relationship, I was a bit skeptical about this as my family is of the orthodox background, but he advised that this wouldn’t pose any problem and as time goes on he would know the ‘will of God’ concerning his church.

Each time I brought this up it always caused a problem between us both and he’d say I shouldn’t be concerned about wherever he worships, each time he talks about wanting to start a family with me and at the moment I don’t think I can go ahead with this. I personally have certain reservations about the Church talk more of my family, at the same time he goes on deeper in the church taking up one position or the other and lately the choir director.


I am not someone who would want to attend a different church from my husband and this might to some extent cause some rifts in our family later in future, my family would not even agree to this in the first place. I believe certain things which I do not understand should be stayed away from and this is what I want to do by ending the relationship.

I do believe that we can still love someone and let go because of the future, I wouldn’t want any issues arising from my marriage because of place of worship which i think is a delicate issue.

Some of my friends think I’m overreacting and going overboard, but I like to think ahead and try to avoid whatsoever problem that might want to arise in future. Please Stella and my fellow Bvs, I need your advice on this.



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