ADVICE ZONE: My Fiance Sent Me His Invitation Card a Month to Our Wedding’

Hi Kisha, am an addent reader but right now, i need ur help. Pls post this for me, i need advice but make it anonymous.

My name is Betty (not her real name), a 28-year-old lady living and working in Lagos. I have a very sad story to tell, a story of betrayal of the highest order, a story of heartbreak and a story that I believe other ladies should learn from.

I am yet to get out of the shock following how a man I loved with the whole of my heart and hoped to spend the rest of my life with, dealt with me, shattered my world and made me the laughing stock in my family and among my friends.

You won’t believe that two months to our supposed wedding, while I was planning seriously to it and my family had put in so much money, time and energy into it, Desmond dealt me the worst blow anyone can ever imagine.

After dating Desmond for four years, I thought I had finally found my Mr. Right, the man I would build my home with, grow old together and watch our children grow into adults. I loved Desmond so much and could lay down my life for him.

In fact, my friends were surprised because I never showed so much commitment in past relationships. Many of them said I should slow down and mask my feelings for him but I was past caring.

For me, Desmond was the man and I would gladly take a bullet for him. In the good times, Desmond also, or let me say, pretended to also love me madly. He gleefully introduced me to all his family members, friends, colleagues and I had access to anyone that mattered to him.

I never believed that any man is capable of hiding some damning secrets because I was always with Desmond, especially as our wedding date was drawing near.

I often marvel at the way the master gamer managed to hide everything from me till two months to our supposed wedding when I got home from work to meet a wedding invitation card on my table.

I saw Desmond’s handwriting on the card and I thought one of his friends or cousins was wedding and wondered why he did not tell me on time to get prepared. I made a mental note to get mad at him for not informing about the wedding on time.

I opened the card and promptly lost balance, becoming dizzy and almost passed out. I sat down on the couch, and the pictured stared at me yet again. There was my Desmond with Itunuoluwa whom he had introduced to me as his cousin who was based in the United States.

Their wedding was scheduled for two weeks before we were supposed to have mine. I thought this was one of Desmond’s practical jokes but the accompanying note inside the invitation card said otherwise.

Desmond first apologized for not telling me on time, for leading me on and asking me to forgive him for hurting me. He went on to say that he and Itunu had been scheduled to get married before she traveled to the USA and they had to put the wedding on hold till she could facilitate his papers.

And now that everything has been set, they would be traveling to the US after they had a secret Registry wedding in Lagos a week earlier.

I was numb and tried to call his number but it was switched off. I managed to get a cab to his house only to find out that he had moved away some days earlier.

I tried to get his friends to give me an explanation but none of them was willing to say a thing until Gab decided to spill the bean.

Today, instead of looking forward to my big day, I am sitting here mourning a man I loved like my life. Thanks to my sisters who have rallied around me and made sure I don’t do anything silly to myself.

But the damage has been done and I doubt if I can ever come to love or trust any man ever again. Betty.”

Dear readers, is there is any form of betrayal that can be harder than this? On Morning Teaser today, we want you to tell Betty what she should do to get over Desmond.

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