After 37 Explanatory/Apology Mails Regarding My Article “Linda Ikeji’s Predicaments Bla Bla Bla” I Think My Role Model Is A Snub

Over the past weeks, i’ve been engulfed in the heat of a controversy emanating from an article i wrote, tagged: “Linda Ikeji’s Predicaments were the reasons why i Got Married” which was misconstrued by widely misinterpreted. Old pals from My University days who knew how much i’ve crazily defended Linda Nwa Ikeji in all arguements even called to confirm if i truly meant it that way…lol

Without hesitating, i knew clearing the air was mandatory especially when i Started getting calls from colleagues conveying her reactions when she called them to enquire about Me hence i wrote a declaimer caption: Nigerians Owe Me An Apology For Misinterpreting My Article Tagged “Linda Ikeji’s Predicamants Were The Reason Why I Got Married”

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Thereafter, i ensured i share it to her directly via her Personal Email account but guess what? Over the past 2weeks, i’ve written 37 Explanatory/ Apology Messages To My Dearest Role Model, ‘Linda Ikeji’ but Yet, No Reply…….

My Question: ‘Is Linda Ikeji Who Doubles As My Role Model & Sister A Snub???????????????? READ MY MESSAGE TO HER

Good Afternoon Ma. I hope you’re having a great day. Over the weeks, i have tried The best way i could to at least reach out to you especially after knowing your reaction towards an article that i was linked To, Tagged: Linda ikeji’s Predicaments were the reason why i got married…. Bla bla bla.

As much as it pains me that it was misconstrued though in a way many saw as to my advantage but do I care about all that when “someone I care about most” is somewhere sad? That was why without hesitating, I cleared the air.

I must state my dissatisfaction on how you handled the whole issue especially when you’re the queen of Shaking Tables…lol.

I’m sorry it did hurt you but your predicaments that I meant to say is the way most people harass you even on your blog. In many occasions, I’ve stumbled and tackled comments like Linda stop posting someone else’s husband, linda go and marry, linda and eggplant and more of such unprintable words..

Linda, look at the truth for what it is and stop been sentimental. don’t judge me but even if you do, i have enough patience to bear it all after all, “I’m Your Creation”.

Note: Just as I’m looking up to you, there are other fellows towing my way but I don’t pray to treat them with this same attitude you’ve shown me

Yours Truly





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