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Three Facts You Might Not Know

Blessed weekend to Us all. Hope you made thd best out of the day? Here is our Facts for the day. The purpose of this is to help motivate and enlighten you on most of the things you ought to know but we don’t. Read more after the cut….

Three Facts You Might Not Know

Good evening bvs. Hope you had a great day? These are our facts for the day. They are facts derieved from our day to day activities, current affairs and of course, someone else’s experience. The purpose of this post is to help enlighten you more….enjoy!

ADVICE ZONE: Do I Return It Or Not?

Hi Kisha, please post this for me…its urgent. I need advice from my fellow silent visitors and Also your red pen is needed. There’s this friend of mine,a former colleague though.she was married for 6 months before her elder sister who lives in the diaspora sent her an invitation to come see them when she