Beautiful black woman gives the perfect response to someone who said she would be more attractive if she were ‘lighter’

A beautiful black woman perfectly shut
down an internet troll who tried to shame
her for her dark skin colour and her
confident reply has since gone viral.
Mimi Mbah, 19, is an aspiring model, and a
student originally from Cameroon.
In accordance with her dreams of being a
model, she constantly shares lovely photos
of herself striking model-like poses.
The Twitter page African Beauties
discovered her and recently shared a few of
her Instagram snaps and most people were
awed by the stunning shots but one
particular person was not pleased and
decided to bring her down by offering an
unsolicited, insulting opinion.
“(If) she was lighter, she’d be fire,”
the troll wrote.
Mimi saw the comment and replied him,
“No thanks I wouldn’t trade my skin
color for the world! Still fire tho.”
Within just a few hours, her response got
tens of thousands of retweets, over 50,000
likes, and hundreds of replies showing her
“Handled with class, I would have gone
crazy mad,” one user wrote.
“Your skin is perfection… he’s insecure,”
another user wrote.
The Maryland-based student spoke to Elite
Daily, revealing how she arrived at such
confidence. She also advised women to be
confident in their skin.
“I used to put myself down for the
things that made me who I am today,
and I can definitely say now I’ve
learned to embrace self-love and
appreciate the skin I’m in,” Mimi
She added:
“Despite what others may say, you’re
beautiful and should feel confident in
the skin you’re in.”
The incident has given Mimi some
popularity and she disclosed that she
intends to use it to raise awareness a bout
She told BuzzFeed News:
“Now I feel like I have a platform
which I want to use to talk about
things like that and give advice to
other dark-skinned women who are
going through similar situations and
probably blaming themselves for it. …
I actually wanted people to see that
colorism is still real.”

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