Breaking News: How Can Biafra and Nigeria Play Against One Country? FIFA Cancels Nigeria Vs Cameroon Match

FIFA has announced the cancellation of Nigeria-Cameroon match where Nigeria trashed the indomitable lions of Cameroon by 4 goals to Nothing

If you woul remmber, the lions refused to lodge in the hotel with the super eagles in fear of witchcraft but as things took turns on the match day, its obvious that they couldn’t believe their eyes so The Cameroonian team protested using the fact that it was two nations that played them.[Biafra and Nigeria]…

How can Biafra and Nigeria play against one country? The football governing body questined themself and lo and behold, “THE NIGERIAN-CAMEROONIAN MATCH HAS BEEN CANCELLED”.

As they were about to announce the date for the rematch, i woke up😂😂😂

Dear reader, Please whose side are you?

  1. Nigeria – Match upheld
  2. Biafra – Rematch / No match
  3. Choose wisely!!!

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