Britain’s Biggest Player: How I Slept With Over 2,500 Women In 11 Years

A handsome young man from Europe has made staggering revelations about how he freely slept with hundreds of women within a short period of time.
A man who claims to have bedded more than 2, 500 women has disclosed how he achieved the feat.
Daniel Wagster , who has also been arrested and jailed for eating at an expensive restaurant without paying , described his s*x life as “ fast and furious” and admits to cheating on his ex – girlfriend with 50 different women .
He claimed that he drew attention from the ladies when he was 18 and started working out and said since then , he hasn’ t gone more than two days without s*x.
Wagster , who said he beds an average of four or five women a week, has even boasted about having s*x with four girls in the space of 24 hours in a Manchester hotel.
But despite his tally, Wagster is reluctant to use contraception and is not bothered about making girls have abortions if they get pregnant .
He said safe sex isn’t “massively important ” to him , adding that he will wear a condom if he has to , but “I ’ d rather not because it feels like I’m wearing a crisp packet and kills the mood. ”
The personal trainer was once arrested when he attempted to escape after eating a £450 meal .
The 29-year – old Daniel Wagster had tucked into high -end steaks at a Piccolino restaurant with three friends for a birthday night out .
The group washed their six-hour meal down with four bottles of champagne — pushing the bill up to £450 in July 2016.
Wagster attempted to bolt after complaining about the quality of two of the steaks, which was deducted from the total . He also fumed at what he called “ the slow service . ”
He was jailed for eight weeks at Warrington Magistrates ’ Court and ordered to pay the outstanding £447. 50 bill to Piccolino in Stockton Heath , Cheshire.
Defending, Zoe Earle said : “He was left by his friends to pay for the bill . He has been made a scapegoat in this matter”
The court heard Wagster has 12 previous convictions for 16 offences including assault , burglary and harassment .
He was dubbed “Britain’s biggest player” after claiming to have slept with more than 2, 500 women in 11 years.
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