Conor McGregor Handed A Two-Month Ban After Floyd Mayweather Defeat? [See Why]

McGregor has been handed a two-month suspension from all sport on medical grounds after receiving a battering from Mayweather.

The ban prevents him from another fight – boxing or MMA – and will last until October 26. He’s also banned from all physical contact at all until October 11.

At the end of the ban, McGregor will then undertake a medical exam held by Nevada State Athletic Commission.
A medical suspension is given when a fighter is “determined by a physician to be unfit to compete” until “it is shown that he or she is fit for further competition …”

McGregor thought the fight was stopped early
While it appeared to be a matter of time before Mayweather knocked McGregor out in Las Vegas, the UFC champion felt that the fight was stopped prematurely.

“I thought it was a little early with the stoppage. I would have liked to have hit the floor, he should have let me keep going,” said McGregor.

“I was just a little fatigued. He was a lot more composed under the shots – that’s what 50 professional fights will give you.

“I thought we were close. It was fatigue. The referee could have let it keep going, let the man put me down.

However, Nevada State Athletic Commission have praised referee Robert Byrd for stopping the fight in the 10th round – despite McGregor believing it was stopped too early.

Bob Bennett, Executive Director for the Nevada State Athletic Commission, said: “Robert did an excellent job.

“He was just hit popping him, lefts and rights, it was definitely time to stop that fight and I don’t think we could have asked anymore from Robert.”

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