Dear Imo Entertainer, Event Planner/Show Promoter: O Bu Na Okpu isi Amaghi Akpu Ka O Bu Na Aguba Adighi Nko??

According to Wikipedia, Entertainment is a form of activity that holds the attention and interest of an audience, or gives pleasure and delight. It can be an idea or a task and to do this involves money hence, the emergence of the term ‘Business Of Entertainment’ literarily called “Show Biz”.

No doubt, imo is blessed with lots of talents but it is overwhelming to state that despite the efforts of these individuals in their different fields, lesser than 2% have made it to the big screen as an established brand and i ask; Obu n’ okpu isi amaghi akpu ka obu na aguba adighi nko?

Our counterparts in other Cities like Lagos, Port harcourt, Ibadan and even Warri frequently boast of earning mouth-watering amount as Royalties from their craft, Headline Big Events, Gets well paid for their performances and so on but here in the state, paying a little token to someone you invited to perform at your own event is more or less an issue and when dignitaries and government appointees have events, the prefer to pay whooping Chunk of money to employ the services of already made acts rather than pay a token to encourage this struggling acts in their state yet again i ask Obu n’ okpu isi amaghi akpu ka obu na aguba adighi nko?? Could it be that these Entertainers are not good enough? Is it that their managers were not managing them right, could it be from the event planners or could it be the media?

Every entertainer needs to promote his/her craft but more importantly, you need a personal *PR*.

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I’ve Been to Lagos a few times but before then, i have read about many musicians i never knew. I didnt even get to know them through the newspapers nor through the radio! It was through Gossip blogs. I was shocked beyond imagination when I finally got there only to I see most of this same people I read about in the news still upcoming while a few truly have made it, yet we hear of them which means its all hype…(yes it is)

Of course the music blogs help. We all visit them when we have need to download songs, but come to think of it, what happens to “Us & our daily life?” We go to shows daily n it ends there. We make things happen and no one talks about it! Do you think it ought to be so?Lol!

Who is bobrisky? Is he even an entertainer? But look, without doubt, he is a celebrity n if he ever decides to do a song now, even if its d worst song on this planet, it will have thousands if not millions of downloads within the first few hours of its release.

Hence, i say, Dear Entertainer, As much as you promote your jams, u still need a PR. When i talk about blogging, i dont mean a copy n paste blogger! I dont even mean a good writer. Yes every blogger is suppose to know how to write well, but creativity is the key. We all need one who can make news out from everything.

“I met the industry like this! I saw people rise n fall!! I saw talents waste and acts get frustrated…we need each other. If you are thinking of getting signed and then going to Lagos to get jam-packed, Nwanne Lagos is filled to the extent that even our very best goes there and gets overshadowed or perhaps, turns upcoming!!!”

We need to change strategy or else, 10 years to today, Most of the faces i see now, will still be here and am sure that By then, most if not all ‘awuchala daddy Na mummy’

Now is the time to make hay hence the sun still shines. Remember, “LAGOS IS FILLED!”

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