Drake Shades Ex Girlfriend, Serena Williams Engagement To Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian

Drake and Serena Williams dated off and on
from 2011 till about 2015 before she met
her new man, Reddit co-founder Alexis
Ohanian. Looks like their engagement
bothered him as he kinda shaded it on his
new album, More Life. There’s a track there
called Nothings Into Somethings where he
“Did I just read that you just got
engaged on me? I heard from your
friend, you couldn’t even tell me or
better yet, wait on me”
“Ask about that, you would say it was
nothing . But here’s another nothing
that you made into something.”
Many think he’s referring to Serena because
her fiancé’s screen name is Kn0thing.

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