Even If You Have Been Dancing Patapaa’s One Corner In Several Corners, I Still Stand With You – Kisha Weighs Support For Linda Ikeji

In this Era where it seemed like a difficult job to bluntly spill the undiluted truth, many have in like manner, made it their duty to mislead others while the few who know the truth ‘Shy Away to Avoid Being Called Names’.

Yes, Linda Ikeji Is Pregnant! Oh Yes, She Ate the forbidden fruit which she Strongly Preached Against but does She Owe the World an explanation on What she does with her life? What does this imply to the Young Folks who look up to her? Does this mean than irrespective of a Woman’s Hardwork, Virtues, Responsible Lifestyles and More, You Might Still end up in the BabyMama’s League with No Assurance Car except For The Ones For Buy For Yourself??????

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On A Second Thought, Why Condemn the Lady Alone when there are two parties to this? What about The Man? Who is This Baby’s Daddy? Irrespective of the backlash she’ve received so far, Why Haven’t he come to her defence? Once again, i ask “Why Isn’t anyone Attacking him? Does this imply that the World we live in is a Man’s World??????? A World where two Parties Found Guilty Of A crime receives different verdict just because of their Gender?

This Reminds me of my Previous Article which i Tagged: Linda Linda Ikeji’s Predicaments Were The Reasons Why I Got Married – 23yrs Old Blogger Kisha. An Encryted Message which was aimed at Awakening People’s Consciousness on How Single Ladies Who Have Attained Some heights In the Society Are Treated Just Because of Their Marital Status.

In Our Society today, people tend to have this “Negative Derogative Reaction” they give to Women who had Attained Some heights in the Society just because they’re not married!

Reacting to the Term ‘Predicaments’; Have You ever Imagined Someone Showing Up On Your Page To Abuse The Hell Out Of You, How Will You React? Badly right? Exactly but in her case Some even go to the length of coming to her Blog to abuse her. Many a time, I’ve stumbled on slandering comments like “Linda Stop posting someone else’s husband o, Linda this, Linda that and many More unprintable Words”; To Me, That’s unacceptable hence, I ensured that i avoided it completely.

“Using those instances above, None would want such ordeal I presumed hence, I Used her as a reference to call for a societal sanitation to such Myopic, Injudicious and Narrow Minded Views our people have on Successful Women Just Because of their Marital Status but unfortunately, I was Misconstrued”.

If been married is an Achievement, why then do I still work even twice as hard as I used to? Why Judge Linda For A Few Minutes Fun That Is Well deserved?

Let’s Draw Emphasis From The Bible; 1 Corinthians 7:36:

“But if any Man Think that he Behaveth himself Uncomely towards his Virgin, if she pass the flower of her age, and he so desire, ‘LET HIM DO WHAT HE WILL, HE SINNETH NOT’: LET THEM MARRY”.

Once again i ask, Why Judge Linda Nwa Ikeji For A Few Minutes Fun That Is Well deserved when the Bible Doesn’t????? Even if she was dancing Patapaa’s One Corner in Several Corners Of The House, Does She Even Owe The World An Explanation on How & What She Does With Her Life? My answer Will Forever Remain No But Due to Her Stance On Celibacy, She does but eitherway, As Human, Especially one that would never Stop Seeing Her As The Strong Woman She is, “I WON’T DENY THE FACT THAT SHE F*CKED UP BY SUCCUMBING TO THE PRESSURE, BUT I STILL STAND WITH LINDA IKEJI”.

Mind you, “Body No Be Firewood”.

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