EXCLUSIVE: Kisha, a Fast rising singer and rapper turned blogger talks aboutabout her career so farfar

I have heard the name Kisha a couple of times, may we know your real name?

(Smiles) My  names are Nnorom Chizaram Treasure stage name  Kisha aka DA Rap Queen.

Ques: We all know most people answer a name they bear today based on they heard someone else answering it.What brought about your choice of stage name?

Kisha as a name is an abbreviation which stands for

K- kingdom

I- inspired

S- superstar

H- here in

A- Africa


Ques: woooow….quit creative. Where are you from?

Am from Owerri, Imo State  (O’town) 

Ques: So how is O’town?
O’town is the best place anyone can be and am proud of it. A place with beautiful people and an accommodating environment.
Ques: Do you school?

Yeah….am a HND1 accountancy student of Federal polytechnic Nekede.
Ques: Wow!!!…Schooling and doing music, how fair has could it be?
Its quite challenging but growing up as a scholar then fast forward to date, I will only say coping with both only brought me down to average and not below par.
Ques: Wow….it obvious there is more on the table…Can you please tell us more about yourself?

Am born in 22, April 1993 to a family of 5 though now 4. I lost my only sister in 2012 (29/04/2012) which is ironically a week after my 19th birthday. (Sighs as tears rolls down her cheeks) May her soul continue to rest in the bosom if the Lord. 

So right now am the only girl amongst 3 brothers.

My dad Mr Nnorom Edward O who is retired principal while my mum Mrs Nnorom Eugenia, a business woman.
Ques: So sorry for the loss,..so why the study Accountancy when you have passion in music??

I once mentioned that I use to be a scholar and I had much love accuracy and accountability and also had an undying love for music to the extent that people in my hood while always call for me anything the want to hear any song they love but can’t help but mime cos back then there was just no reigning song that I could not sing to the end. But while in secondary I started shrinking back academically cos I would spend almost all of my song writing music.(laughs)

When u come to my room then, you will see pieces of papers littered everywhere but at a time I graduated to using my assignment books to write songs cos inspiration kept coming.
Ques: So when did you embark on this musical journey professionally?
Well…that was in 2009 during my ss2 3rd term break. Before then I couldn’t really focus. All I wanted was just to give my talent a shot but because of my studies, dad couldn’t let me but during that long break, I made good use of it so well that the song came out dope. It was titled: REALITY pro by beat maker but as soon as school resumed, I went back to school, kept everything on a low key till I was done with school the be t year(2010) and in 2011, I came back to the big screen
Ques: So how has the journey been for you so far?
Its quite amazing to be here and I bless God, my family, fans and well wishers for loving me the way they do….
Ques: What kind of a person are you?

Am one that appreciates life and everything that comes my way.Though mostly see me to be controversial, but behind the screen, am down to earth and more  reserved.

Ques: What do you have to say to those looking up to you or perhaps the upcoming artiste out there?

  • Be yourself
  • Be determined
  • Be positive

This three B’s will differentiate you from the rest

You mentioned about owning your own blog, what is the name and what do you intend to achieve with it?

Reaching out to people has been my greatest goal as an Individual and to that end, it embarked on creating this platform  AMIBO ISLAND and with the intentions of bringing to your doorstep,an up to date news varying from 

  • Entertainment
  • News
  • Events
  • Lifestyle
  • Celebrity gist
  • Relationship issues n solutions
  • In house news
  • Politics
  • Inspiration and of course GOSSIP…… UUUUUUUPPS

 And I hope the general public will back me in this!!!

Let’s talk that talk.

Let’s take a step in contributing in the issues that shape our world.

Let’s make the world a better place for us all.

When you see something, say something.

Is there anything you would want to talk about but you just can’t maybe there was just no one to lend you a listening ear or perhaps you don’t your identity to be marred?

Then you have no problem.

Send it to me I will share it here without a mention of your identity.

Its there injustice mated out on someone either by the government or by an individual and you think the world ought to know?

Bring it to the table and Let’s make history…  Amiboisland is here for you

Do you own a business?

I believe in the slogan; buy it, sell it.

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Let’s help in building Amibo Island in becoming the best information portal in Africa and the rest of the world.

God blessb

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