I Pray That All Oil Wells In The South Dries Up – Governor Nasir el-Rufai’s End Time Prayer [See His Reasons]

Governor Nasir el-Rufai of Kaduna State believes the oil wealth accruing to the country constitutes a major obstacle to Nigeria’s ability to think and innovate its way out of underdevelopment.

We get easy money, we do not collect taxes and our taxes are six per cent of Gross Domestic Product; that is an average of 21per cent. We stop respecting the intellectuals that we have in our universities because we get easy money.

“This is very sad, I wish the oil will dry up so that we can begin to use our brains because we have stopped using our brains and we have stopped respecting intellects because of easy money.

On policing, he said: “It is obvious that Nigeria is severely under-policed, and will require more personnel, intelligence assets, better training, technology and equipment for its security agencies for the country to be a credible guarantor of security.

Edited from The Nation

*This people self! He wishes the same oil wells and where they get ‘free money’ from that they even because of it, rejected restructuring to dry up so that the government and the people can get serious about making the country realize its full potentials.?…lol! Confused man!*

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