I Wouldn’t Want The Curse I Laid on This Government To Affect You – Pop Singer, D-Packsy Tells Hon. Irouno & The S.A Responds

Heaven was let loosed earlier today after an imo based singer, D-Pasky stumbled upon a post by the Special Adviser to the Governor on Entertainment, Hon. Chukwunonye Irouno.

S.A’s Post That Caused the Outburst

The Suruya Crooner who is remarkably known for his humble nature, seemed very much pissed off and couldn’t hold a word back while stating his displeasure. See below…

So….uncle what you are trying to defend now is that I should be happy that Rochas demolished my shop and set my business back right? I should be happy that I can now trek from my house to inside town right? OK maybe I should be happy because am about to join the bad side of yahoo because thats the next available option…… Uncle IRUNO I like you so much but I will prefer just like u normally do not come out in defense of this government….. Keep making use of your diplomacy because i wouldn’t want the course I lay on this government to affect you… Thamkio me sir

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