“If DTwins Doesn’t Get My Work Ready Today, I’ll Ensure He Doesn’t See The Sun Till He Does The Needful” – Legacy Explodes As He Reveals The True Cause Of Their Beef

During the week, One Of The Singing Duo, DTwins took to social media to call out pop singer, Lagacy.

In His Post, He wrote “Whoever Knows Legacy should tell him o that he is ready to dance and freestyle to his beat”.

When AM! Media Team reached out to him to find out the true cause of the matter, he Said;
“When I did my traditional wedding in November and My White on December 9, 2017 respectively it was Dtwins Who Covered itbut would you believe that up till today, May 13/2018, I’m yet to get my wedding pictures and videos”.

Though this would be long but I’ll explain. After My wedding, i paid him so as to encourage him to finish my work quickly remaining a balance of #15,000 hoping that I’ll give him when I come for my work. After the wedding, I copied my files to my system before I traveled. While I was away, Dtwins Kept calling me that my work was ready. I told him that I wasn’t around but will get across to him when I’m back home.

I got home, called him and he requested that I should come to his office in Nekede which I did by 3pm the next day. On that day been 06/02/2017, I was around maternity junction when i called yet he told me to keep coming. Mind you, his office is in Riverside, you can imagine how close the distance is, at least he would told me he is or isn’t ready but yet he told me to keep coming.

I got there around after 3 and he wasn’t in his office. I called him, he told me that he was eating somewhere close. I waited till After 6 in the night, yet he never showed up. I called him severally but he kept saying that he was coming, at a time he stopped picking my calls. You can imagine, I even had to sleep off while waiting for him…which he still didn’t show up till I left.

On getting home, he sent me a message that he’s grateful on how i handled the whole issue.

He requested that I should come the next week but I explained to him the nature of my job and how difficult it was for me to even make of time to come see him. Mid-Match, I was in town so I called him that I would be coming, he demanded that I come with my flash & other things.

On getting there, to my greatest Surprise, “he hasn’t even touched my work at all. Not even a single picture”.

This is something we had already sorted out on which picture to wash. It was now that he started saying that he didn’t know how he misplaced the files and lots of stories. If i had not copies my files to my system, this simply means that i would have lost it completely. I still had to resend it to him.

Note: When I got to his office, I waited for an extra hour before he came. Throughout the whole time that he had been calling me, he hasn’t done anything concerning my pictures.

He told me that he went to dub my video; I was a bit relieved. I demanded to see the video. When he inserted it in the system; “My dear, I was Heartbroken & dumbfounded”.

He took my work and gave someone else, who without editing anything, went on to compress it to the lowest quality and dubbing it like that. From his system, you can’t even see the images not to mention when you’re viewing it from the Television. The video was just like something covered with a Nokia 3310 and all those low quality phones.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I demanded for the video I paid for and he was sorry about the turnout of the whole thing. I gave him his remaining balance so it wouldn’t be that he was acting this way because I was still owing him.

That day was on Wednesday and I planned on going to Onitsha on saturday but He pleaded that bear with him. That his system was faulty but he would go work on it on Thursday then come to my house on Friday so we could reselect the pictures again so he would work on the pictures during weekend and then on Monday, I will get my work in full. I asked him if his agreed dates would work for him? He still rescheduled it to tuesday. On that Tuesday, I rained & guess what? He used it as another excuse

I called him, he still gave excuses as usual. I said No Problem, Luckily, I found where I wrote the picture numbers so I sent it to him. I asked when I should come for my pictures, videos and everything, he told me to come back the next Sunday. On Saturday been a day to that day, he called to tell me that my work is ready but the pictures he washed are that of white wedding, that my traditional wedding pictures had mistakenly been deleted from his system. Thatbi should recopy the trad again so he would wash it. I was speechless. Mind you, this was around April.

The agreed day for me to come for my work came, I called him and he told me that he was sick. He started sending me pictures that he was sick and admitted at the hospital. A week later, I came, he brought out the white wedding pictures which ought to be 30, it was 29 +1 that he washed twice, I still didn’t complain. When I demanded for the video, My Brothers & My Sisters, This guy carry CD put for him laptop “It Was Worst Than The Previous” Oh my God; He Tearfully added.

People at his office that day where all speechless. I asked him; “Dtwins, How i offend you wey make you d do me like this”? It wasn’t funny anymore. He begged me that he would redo it and in a very standardized way this time.

Weeks later, i called him and he told me that he was in the village, that was taking care of his sick father & that he would attend AcharaMan’s Album luanch from there.

This is a guy that i’m not even owing a dime so why can’t he deliver my work?

My parents are all angry and keen to arrest this guy but i’ve been pleading on his behalf hoping that he would deliver but can you imagine that we are almost in the month 7th month and my parents, my wife, family and friends are yet to watch clips from my wedding that took place last year november & december respectively. If it were you, how would you react?

Its a pity that he had been going about, sharing a one-sided story but

I’ve Made It Clear To Him This Is No Longer A Joke. If I Should Come To His Office Today Been Sunday 13/05/2018 And My Work Isn’t Ready Yet, “I’ll Lock Him Up And Ensure He Doesn’t See The Sun Again Till He Is Done With My Job”

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