“If u can’t stand me calling you “ode, bitch, ewu” then don’t bother” – Pretty Mike lists desired requirements his future wife must have

Socialite, Pretty Mike, took to Instagram
minutes ago to share a ridiculous list of
requirements his future wife must have.
Mike, who was arrested a few months ago
by the Lagos state Government and
cautioned for putting a leash on two women,
amongst other attention seeking antics, said
his future wife must be okay with being
called derogatory words by him. He wrote:
WIFEY/SERIOUS GF application: Below r the
rules/criteria in sending ur cv..

1. Please if u are a Yoruba girl n frm
unilag,pls don’t bother
2. if u have dated at least 2 popular yahoo
guys 🏽
3. You must get a letter of recommendation
frm at least 2 of ur exes n if you’ve had just
an Ex,pls support ur claim with a 11
paragraph affidavit
4. You must have a decent job (don’t be a
marketer or MuA
5. Please If u have a Loud Snoring
game,pls don’t bother, I will hate to miss d
trumpet when it sounds cause u were
6. Pls if u don’t knw how to use or u’ve
leaking mouth(food drops frm ur mouth)we
shall be having dates in fancy
restaurants,Pls I don’t want to be disgraced
and no I can’t teach u table manners
7. Pls if ur name is/are
e,Rukayat,Sukurat,Raimat…u r
Automatically disqualified
8. If u have more than 1 Club owner’s
number #Smh
9. If u are in a Private Uni
“Bu,Run,Bowen,Cu,Bells” and u are in Lag
every weekend,total 4get it
10. If u r a drug addict
11. Asides d usual pet names “baby,darling
and shii” if u can’t stand me calling u “ode”
“my bitch” “Ewu” then don’t bother
12. If u enjoy SocialMedia attention “Abeg
fine urself another man”
13. Pls if u Enjoy getting High Regularly
“Forget it”..Cause Na ur Type dey enjoy
smoking weed while been pregnant #Sub
14. If u are not ready to cut off ur single
friends that r not in a serious
relationship,den I’m not ur man.
15. If u have a favorite black bra,pls stay
away from me
16. If you dont squirt,please slide away
17. Pls if u are a lesbian,don’t hide it from
me,it’s allowed as long as I can watch
18. Please if you’re ugly,Biko ex,I can’t
stand my child being bullied 4 looking like
Mr ibu
19. My Lepa babes “Abeg Noway 4 u”
20. If you’re a baby mama abeg I know do.
21. If you’ve done runs in Abj,Ph,Owerri and
u now want Lag Husband,don’t send ur cv
cause our machine will detect U
22. If u can’t stand me sleeping with ur
nipples in my mouth,pls stay far
23. Speaking of Runs “if ur runs has taken u
as far a Apapa” Forget it
24. If you’re frm Benin n have been to Italy
at any point in time,Biko don’t apply
25. If ur r ff
nju..RedFlag ooh

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