Imo State Gov Rochas Okorocha Destroyed Rental Property Worth N60 million – Family Cries Out

The Property destroyed In Mgbidi,Imo State is the property of Blog Visitor Ingrid’s Grandma…..

”Hello Kisha,
I have been avid reader of your blog and I have even posted my birthday post a few years ago on your amazing blog. It has been brought to my attention that Governor Rochas has destroyed my grandmother 3-story building , along with the 18 first level storefronts.
My grandmother built this building in 1976 as widow. The governor’s contractors gave my grandmother a verbal notice that she has to remodel her building to new market standard. When plans of renovations was being put in place by my mother and her siblings, without notice the contractors bulldozed the building. My mother and her siblings are based in America.

There was no time to get back to Nigeria in such a short notice. This building is worth 60 million Naira.There are no talks of compensation. Is 60 million Naira a joke to some people? This is illegal and the governor has no remorse.
They talk about Igbo people coming back home from the diaspora and building in their community but, yet they are destroying people’s property. I have published this story on my Instagram: i.a. okonta”

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