Lady Writes An Apology To Her Partner Of 6 Years….

This is serious and is an SOS Plea to Ify
who has taken the drastic move….
”Good day Kisha
Please hide my email address. I have been
a bv for 3 years now but I have never
commented (a silent bv).
Please Stella and my fellow bvs I need to
reach out to my boyfriend of 6 years whom I
have offended.

Somehow I think this is inappropriate…what do you think?
Over the years anger management has
caused serious issues between us and
several times I have promised to change but
halfway, I always fall. Recently I caused us
to have a big problem and he has made up
his mind to end the relationship.
Please baby if you are seeing this, I need
you to give me one last chance. I am
different now because I have learnt the
greatest lesson of my life. Its either anger
ruins me or I ruin it, which I have done.
I am done with it!
It has no control over me anymore. There is
a more conscious effort on my part to deal
with it because I have tasted the
consequences of my action. Please Ify, I
promise you things will be different now.I
want to make up for all I put you through
these past years.
I want to show you a better me and this
time around I am for real. Please believe
Bv’s please help tell Ify I am sorry and I am
willing to prove to him that I am better.
Please my love, we can do this. I am sorry!”

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