Lagos 2019: Aregbesola’s Survival Battle With A Leadership Error

The unfolding scenario in the political landscape of Lagos State leaves one to the amazement over political errors of the past, which undoubtedly are beginning to manifest in more recent time. One of such grave political errors ever committed in the State was Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola.

Aregbe in the recent time has been battling with the relics of his gross incompetence, ineptitude and failure. His maladroit has become exposed so much that the common question everyone within and outside political circle keep asking is “why does Aregbe still want to return to Lagos to conclude his political career after he was made to attain most exalted status in another State, courtesy Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu”?


In the first place, it is a great opportunity to become Governor of a State in this country, after holding a strong portfolio in the Lagos State cabinet for good 8 years. Let us do a simple analogy: Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu became Governor, and while other Governors in the South West lost their seats to the opposition, Tinubu held sway, reclaiming all other South West States and coordinated them into a new political party that gave the entire Yoruba Race such a big glory that secured our political relevance in the country, even till today.

By common sense, the first failure of Aregbe was inability to replicate the political ideology and competence of his mentor, Bola Tinubu. The State of Osun today has a Governor that has been generally described by its citizens as a bad product packaged in a beautiful container and dropped for the people of Osun to savour. If a serving Governor for 8 years cannot pick a successor that will be generally acceptable, owing to his records of performance and respect his people have for him, then there is a problem. Also, I am not aware that a Senator from Lagos earns more than a Senator from Osun, except if anyone of them serves in a juicy committee; so if a serving Governor cannot pick one of the Senatorial seats under his nose to retire to the red chamber, as often the practice, then there is a problem. If a Governor has to look back to his former political base to struggle for the ownership of 6 Local Governments and LCDAs out of 57, obviously under the watch of another Governor, then there is a big problem.

If Aregbe believes that he and Ambode are not political classmates, fine. But today, Ambode is the Governor of Lagos State and that fact does not need a google consult to ascertain.


It is then alarming to hear on a public radio, a revelation, which of course the whistle blower has challenged Governor Aregbe to come public and defend, that Aregbe is deliberately scheming to damage political reputation of Ambode in a plot to rob him of his most deserving second tenure ticket as Governor of Lagos State, going about to discuss the plot which now came out public from one of the actors he personally contacted for the dirty deal, then Aregbe has stepped beyond his space in a despicable manner, total absurdity!

What is Ambode’s undoing? Maybe because his exceptional achievements dazzles Aregbe to such an extent that he (Aregbe) might begin to walk into a political oblivion while Asiwaju adopts Ambode as the new leader of his political empire. But has Lagos State becomes a political dump site for sub-standard products like Aregbesola? How can a non performing Governor be scheming to eject a performing one currently serving the good people of Lagos State to this admiration and excellence?

In the words of Henry Ford, one of the greatest automobile industrialists that ever lived, “Failure is an opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently”. Well, if Aregbe will humbly acknowledge his failure and return back to enrol again in leadership and political school from kindergarten stage, better for him. To fight against destiny and fate is a war too much for anyone to embark on. Not even fear of God is important to the acclaimed bearded cleric anymore? To deliberately scheme downfall of another person is a grave sin before God.

As the events unfold, am sure the people that Ambode is serving meritoriously will rise up to protect their own good product and his mandate to return and complete the good job he has been doing. Aregbesola has entered a political road block, having taken a drive against political traffic deliberately, an offence punishable with political relegation and retirement. Let us see how Aregbe’s plot to become political successor of Asiwaju, as he envisages, will work with this kind of approach and gross incompetence.

Segun Goriola (SG) – Lagos


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