Nollywood Actress Cries Out, Says, Abuja Lesbians Won’t Let Her Be

Nollywood actress Ruth Eze, once said that meeting Genevieve Nnaji made her wet has cried out for help claiming that Abuja lesbians are ‘on her matter’.

In a recent interview with Sun News, she said Abuja big babes mistook her for a lesbian.

‘Last weekend, I went to Abuja for a movie production, I didn’t know how some ladies got to know I was in town.’

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She added, ‘The ugly drama started inside the hotel where I was lodged. They came in disguise as colleagues based in Abuja.

‘At first, I didn’t know they had ulterior motives, so I welcomed them with open arms. Suddenly, they started saying some erotic things to me; I ignored them and kept pressing my phone.’

She added that she taught it was all joke until the big babes started touching her inappropriately.

‘At the point when one came closer to me and started touching me at the wrong places, I had to stop her and ask why she was doing that.

‘Then she told me that after reading the interview I granted Saturday Sun in which I said ‘Genevieve makes me wet’ they all concluded that I was a lesbian.

‘I had to explain to them that I didn’t really mean what I said. I said I was only trying to exaggerate how I felt about Genevieve’s act and nothing more.’
But they weren’t having that according to her. ‘Rather than deter them, the ladies promised me heaven and earth if I join their gang of homosexuals.

‘I was so scared, I had to call my boyfriend and put the phone on speaker so as to convince them that I don’t do fellow women.

‘My dear, I was so scared because I thought they would end up raping me. They sounded so much in the mood to have me right there. Thank God, it didn’t happen,’ she said.

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