Over 1million IPOB Members Shuts Ekwulobia, Insists on ‘No Election’ in Anambra

Over one million members of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) yesterday shut down Ekwulobia, Agauta Local Government Area of An­ambra State for over five hours, paralysing economic activities and chanting anti-Governor Willie Obiano songs.

Vehicular and human ac­tivities came to a standstill till around 4:30 pm when the train moved to Nkpor and some other parts of the state before its lead­er, Nnamdi Kanu, driven like a ‘messiah’ left the state.

They were chanting ‘No elec­tion in Anambra State’, ‘Obiano has betrayed Ndigbo’, ‘Nobody should come out on election day or the person becomes a North­erner’, among others.

They came from all parts of the country especially South-East and South South.

Whereas others treked and shouted praises of Kanu whom they addressed as Director, only Kanu was chauffer driven in a white expensive automobile as this reporter could not see very well but looks like Chevrolet with the crest of a majesty.

The IPOB leadership led by Kanu concluded that there would be no election in the state and any part of the South East

A statement from Comrade Emma Powerful, Media and Pub­licity Secretary of IPOB said the rally in Ekwulobia was to make a statement to the world that Bi­afran independence is non-ne­gotiable.

The organisation threw away the already-agreed dialogue it had with Ala Igbo Development Foundation, led by Prof Uzodim­ma Nwala, to allow for constitu­tional election to hold in Anam­bra come November 2017. The mammoth crowd was such that if a pin was thrown up, it would hang on human sea of heads.

The statement reads, ‘’We are not in Ekwulobia rally today to play Nigeria politics, rather to show the whole world how se­rious and determined we are towards the restoration of Bia­fra independence; there will be no election in the whole of Bi­afra land, no retreat, no surren­der because we have taken it as a point of duty to restore Biafra without war; anybody or group calling for war is doing that to his or her own detriment.

‘’IPOB under Nnamdi Kanu is a peaceful and ordained move­ment that is bent only to restore Biafra independence. We are not fighting for our personal gain and we are only interested in Biafra restoration or noth­ing, IPOB will boycott election in Anambra State.”

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