Pentecostal Fellowship Of Nigeria Says Operation Python Dance Is Evil

The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN, Southeast zone, described the Operation Python dance by the Nigeria military, as an “evil wind”. It stated: “The python dance is an evil wind that does no good to any person. It is intimidatory and instigates fear in the polity.
We advise that the military should direct their energy to fighting the armed herdsmen who are the avowed enemies of the nation. The peace loving people of the Southeast consider Nigeria military’s present activity in our region as provocative and nothing more than a parody of might for the giant of Africa.

We therefore, call on the federal government to immediately remove the soldiers from our back to barracks.”
On the issue of restructuring: “We appeal to those who think that they are benefiting from the present arrangement, to come to terms with the incontrovertible fact that our greatest good comes in the welfare of all.

Even as we ask for restructuring, it must be pointed out that the most critical issue at stake is good governance by a dedicated leadership. We must address the leadership crisis at all levels of governance, as the failure to do so has affected our development and impoverished the nation.”

Commenting on the essence of his meeting with the Vice President, he said, “Well, naturally I am heading a subnational government when this kind of thing happens which would have had dimension of national proportion, it is right that you will come and brief the Commander-in-Chief or his vice and that is exactly what I have come to do.”

On his reaction to allegations that the IPOB crisis was as a result of failure of leadership in the South East, he said that the new crop of governors in the zone were doing their best to better the lots of the people.

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