Self Control; The Only Remedy To Death Notice – Casmir Chigoziri Nguzoro

Mbaise born controversial blogger and CEO Of indigenous Mbaise Blog Casmir Chigoziri Nguzoro has spoken at length concerning the dreaded things associated to the juvenile age and how it could be limited….

Parents warn your children, more especially the ladies. I just Downloaded this picture from facebook. Have you ever cared to ask your self while our youths keep dying constantly these days.
During the time of our great grand fathers, it was a crime and a sacrilege for a father to burial his child. It was a taboo in the community for someone to cook or eat where a child of below 30- 40years is being buried. But now what is the case?

It is now a common phenomena for a youth below the age of 30 to die. You will even see people dancing and fighting for
food. This was what I couldn’t control last 2years when I went for my friends burial in Ngwa land, a guy of 22years as of then. The parents cooked and gave us drinks, I couldn’t control my anger, pains and tears , that I had to shout on my friends and we returned the food and

I couldn’t stand seeing myself eating in such a burial. #God forbid. What a rotten generation. What a pitiable society.

Every time we keep on attacking the governor and our leaders. Yes I know they have failed. But must we equally fail ourselves? Must we always wait for the government to do everything for us?
This is just the secret to why our leaders, the political elites always play with us during elections.

They have noticed that we are so lazy and careless, and as much don’t know our rights again. And that is where the always attack us from. That is why you see them promising us heaven and earth during election, promising us what we can do by ourselves. And when some of them enter, they fail us. Have you equally noticed that most of our youths die in most of the Campuses in Nigeria and the worse of its all is during NYSC period. Who is to be blamed? #We are to be blamed.

We claim to be too religious and at the same time fantastically corrupt.
Most of the death we witness in most campuses, is as a result of cultism and prostitution.

And I begin to ask, what happened to these youths? What happened to their conscience? Where are their parents?
What happened to that our religious life. #SELF_CONTROL And God. This is the only solution to our problems.

My friend called me the other day and said “Casmir do you know that poverty is worst than HIV? ” I smiled and told him, you are not poor, you are just being broke as a result of your high rate of expenses. You spend more than your income… The truth is that there is no rich man whose expenses is greater than his income. Live according to your class.

He went further to tell me that some times he will be in his room and his mind will be telling him… “Guy go and steal, go and take this things that do not belong to you ”But with Safe_control he tries to cover and over come them.
Just look at this picture again.

I wonder what this guy must be doing there , some say is money ritual be it Yahoo + oh of ++++ that one follow. Lack of safe control.

You still wonder why most of our ladies die so young, below the age of 40, both those that are married and the unmarried. You have sex with a wealthy guy, that you don’t know his source of income, he gives you 200k+, buys you
a car, takes you for shopping, and you will be like, my guy is loaded.

Yes he is really well loading it on you, just as you will soon load it into his bank account. Ask yourself you carry Gold in between your legs? Abi you be Neymar?

After some months your best pic will be used for obituary posters. Your poor parents will start blaming your uncles, start making troubles with innocent
people in the village. But the good news is that, you will no longer be in this world. Or is it those ladies that dies during child birth, yes most of them are not natural.

Demonic guys and men are everywhere.
The early you know and understand that money is not everything the better for you. Think about this. Money is not everything.Go for love not money. Wash your eyes well before you enter….
Be your self.

Learn to be contented with what you have. #Self control.

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