Teenager Who Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant Until She Was In Labour Tells Her Experience

A selfie-Loving queen who posted pictures to show how much weight she’d gained had no idea it was because she was PREGNANT. Nineteen Year-old Connie Whitton, found out just four hours before giving birth to 7lb 6oz Seth.

The call centre worker had dieted from a 12st size 12 to an 8st size 6 and was horrified to be piling on the pounds for no apparent reason. It was only when a constant backache became unbearable that she was sent her for a scan and the pregnancy was discovered.

Connie, from Barnsley, south Yorks, said: “I found out I was pregnant at 9pm and had Seth in my arms at 1.05 the next morning. Those four hours were the entire nine months for me.

I had no idea I was pregnant. I had no symptoms, no bump, no morning sickness . People have asked me since did I not feel him wriggling about at this late stage but, no, I honestly didn’t.

Connie, who drank and went to the gym throughout her pregnancy, added: “I’d been going about my daily life but in an incredible amount of pain. I’d driven to and from my boyfriend Liam’s, we’d been out for a meal and I even went to the pub the day before Seth was born. I went home and my mum found me crying and insisted we go to hospital.

I was seen by a doctor, who scanned my bladder to check for infection. But she saw a heartbeat and told me I was pregnant. I was shocked and thought I was maybe in the very early stages. But the doctor found I was in full labour.

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