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Hello Fam, I have been thinking alot lately on how Expectant mothers, Fathers, Bachelors as well the Single ladies could bond, share experiences and this came to my mind.

Growing up, I never this opportunities but we can make efforts to change the scenario… And hey, we ain’t stopping so please ensure you encourage or support in whichever way you deem fit. A Neighbour just sent in this. Read below….


Hello Kisha, here’s my own Labour room chronicles…

I was pregnant with twins after years of TTC. I had a very difficult first trimester…so like 3 weeks before my due date, i went for my usual hospital checkup,the doctor said my BP was too high and he would have to keep me in the hospital to monitor it, so i was admitted, they tried to regulate it but after 24 hours the doctor said he would have to induce.

I kept asking him what of CS. He said i didnt need it because they were not so big and both of them were heads down. Okay o. Hubby was with me and i was induced. Ghen ghen, my people i cant describe that pain.


The pain shocked me i just opened my mouth looking at everybody. Ahhh, what is this, (i knew it was going to be painful but you people did not say all the parts of my body will dis-integrate.) oh i cried. i threw the rosary i was clutching away,i called all the angels and saints.i told the doc ‘ahh but i asked you to do CS’. He kept saying ‘you are doing good’ .

They gave me happy gas to inhale that it would help. I flung the thing away.
Hubby came close to me with a popsicle saying they said something cold will help, i held his neck,and didnt let go till the contraction stopped. After that he shifted. The nurse adviced me to hold the sides of the bed instead. Lol.

In all of this they kept offering epidural. (But i had done over sabi and read horrible experiences, so i was scared of it). And the doc warned that after a while, it will be too late to administer it. This time my husband said pls give her, i agreed. The guy came in and said he usually collects money from out patients before he administers it (i delivered abroad so i was an out patient).

He took one look at me and said ‘never mind i will give u’. As he was getting the fluids, the doc checked me and said ‘i think you are ready, that was fast ‘ My eyes lit up.

Two pushes and 2 small coughs later, twin A popped out. Hehe. 12 mins later, her sister followed.

I actually did forget all the pain after i saw them…Here’s wishing every expectant mother a safe and easy delivery.

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Happy Safe Delivery to the future mother


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