Throwback Photo of Malaysian Based Nigerian Big Boy Hushpuppi As Fan Writes Him An Open Letter

In the Spirit of Throwback Thursday, a die-hard fan of Hushpuppi took to his social media handle to bare his mind(Incase you missed out on his profile and flambouyant he lives his life, READ HERE and ANOTHER HERE.

The socialite is pictured above with a Range Rover, and decked in a black shirt and cream colored trouser, the throwback photo still bears his signature charisma.

Below is a recent photo of him, posing in front of a Range rover too!

Meanwhile, a die-hard fan of the Malaysian-based Nigerian big boy wrote an open letter to him.. and it’s worth reading, see excerpts below;

Dear Hushpuppi,

I’m an admirer. Of your pictures. I don’t envy you. I think I would love to meet you in person – and disappear. Maybe, that’s why I admire your tenacity to ‘pepper’ the haters and ‘humble’ them, but since they ‘humbled’ the kidnapper Evans, I have been thinking about you. I didn’t say you are a kidnapper. Far from that. I am just worried about you.
Let’s take a spirituality class.
There is something called Wheel of Samsara in Hinduism. It rotates. It moves. It never stays in one place. It is like a table, which always turns. And within all of us, there is what we call willpower and the Cruel Mind. It’s okay if you say I am saying rubbish, but let us watch between now and August and see what happens. What we want will always come to us, if we focus on them.
You have defeated poverty, but you spend a lot of energy dragging poverty along with you. You feel bad leaving poverty. You feel vengeful. You feel you need to retaliate. That is why you have chosen to oppress us, most of us who may never really enjoy the kind of life that you are enjoying.
Money is addictive; it is also an illusion. Everyone needs an addiction, everyone needs it. When we have it, it is like a magnet, it attracts everyone. You know when you hold a magnet, it attracts everything that it can attract. It grabs them, hold them. That’s what you have done.
I doubt there is any mind that has any positive vibes for you any more. We are tormented by your showcase of wealth. We may not say it, but we are not happy.


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