Yes, Most Bloggers and Journalists get Themselves Intoxicated With Different Kinds Of Drugs & Alcohol in Order to Focus but You won’t Believe What this Popular Imo Blogger ‘Hardy’ Takes

Overtime, we’ve come across people including journalists suggesting, insinuating/Implying that majority of Writers, Bloggers/journalists get themselves intoxicated in order to focus in this line of job but when we reached out to one of the Foremost Imo Based Bloggers, Hardy Nwadike CEO of Otown Gist Blog, he has this to say.

QUESTION: How true is that and if I may go direct “What do you take to stay focused”?


I take love, peace and happiness to stay focused. As a matter of fact, I don’t drink nor smoke because I love to do everything with my normal senses. Some people find fun in alcohol, but it is not my thing, I only need to be at the right frame of mind for me to be creative”.

He also went further to address a certain misconceptions and gave insights on his longevity. Read the Excerpt below….

Q. Today, more than 20 dozens of younger folks have as well made their way into the blogging sphere.


“My name is Hardy and they have their names, so we just became different by my names. My relevance is on the foundation of the building they are all living in. I am among the people who laid it, so I know where it is weakest and where it is strongest. Again I didnt start when it was easy, so I just know what the people starting today don’t know. I teach the younger ones, but everyday I search for ways to be a better person in everything I do so that when everyone is seen, the circle will still be incomplete until I am seen. the secret is Work, Research, Work, Research”.

Q. It is often said that Journalists don’t read but in your case, you double as an author. Now, Using yourself as an example, how true do you think that Philosophy is, How do you manage to merge all and what inspired your Best Selling Book “Just A Girl’s Story”

“In most cases you have to read before you can write, at least you have to listen. Unless it is the case of people who enjoy vague writing, but I love to connect with people, that is what makes you a great writer or journalist” .

He also went further to speak About what motivated his book JUST A GIRL’S STORY. He said “it was inspired by what women go through. You won’t believe until you have someone close to you experience it. It is actually a story of sex, love and friendship and the guarantees for a lasting relationships. I looked at the lives of some girls I have known and others imagined and then created the story. it also shows the hypocrisy in the lives of most african parents and how desperate they get in getting their kids married, to who they believe is Mr or Miss Right”

Going further, he spoke at length regarding his pet Project “Divas Stage Tour” and his relationship between Female Music Sensation ‘Floxy’.

I want girls to have their own voice in the industry in this part of the country…. I want girls to portray more than beauty and be loved because of their talents. So Divas Stage Tour with the slogan girls do it all will over them all that.

Imagine an all female show… Female artiste, dancers, djs, comedians etc. And everyone comes to watch.

Someone will see it as funny, but at times we attend event and the only time we see females are when we need people to shake bumbum, I want the stage to be beyond that… I want our talented females to be trusted and believed in.

If we sell only sexiness, we’re losers, but if we garnish talent with sexiness, then we are the bomb.

Reacting to his affair with Fast Rising Pop Singer, Floxy, he said; “Floxy is now family by virtue of the number of years we have worked together. She’s an amazing person and artiste. She would be a steal for any guy including me”.

I’m not dating her and we have never dated, yet nothing stops me fromm doing that as long as it doesn’t affect the work we are doing.

He concluded by saying “I’m a human just like her, but now there’s nothing for anyone to know”.


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