ADVICE ZONE: Am In My Mid 20’s and Desperate To Marry

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Beautiful saturday kisha. Hope you are having fun. Thanks for this awesome blog and please post this for me.

For the past 2years I have been unable to be in a serious relationship that will lead to a good marriage cos that’s what I need.

when I finished Youth service I prayed to God for a good job first, then relationship can set in, I have a very good job now that has made me independent and God is so faithful and kind I don’t need to ask any man for money.

Now my issue is this I have been unable to get a man to love me or be in a relationship with, I am hard working, kind, I don’t ask for money from men, I am very beautiful, good character but still no man.

I am not choosy, I have prayed to God and I am in my mid 20’s. please what am I doing wrong, I need and want to be loved by someone special.
Thank you.

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