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Lately, People Presume and Assume one’s personality from afar, Without an ounce of truth. How will you know when you don’t get yourself acquainted?


Question: Who Is Kisha?

Ans: Full Names: Henry Chizaram Treasure aka Kisha. Kisha Is a more popular name for imo state born Controversial Blogger and CEO of this beautiful blog: WWW.AMIBOISLAND.COM I’m From a family of 4. 3Boys and Myself. Born to the Family of Mr & Mrs Nnorom Edward. My Dad is a Retired Principal while My Mum, Mrs Eugenia Nnorom is also a T E A C H E R. I’m Happily married too.

Question: What kind of a person are you?

Kisha: I’m one that appreciates life and everything that comes my way. Though people mostly see me to be controversial, but behind the screen, I’m down to earth and more reserved & open minded.

Question: Going by the name, What is AMIBO ISLAND About?

Kisha: From the name Amibo, i’m you can guess perfectly. Amibo Island is an online media platform which is aimed at bring to the general public, a first hand information on whatsoever thats happening within our vicinity. Here at Amibo Island, Effeciency in delivery whatsoever task given, is Sacrosant.

Question: How did u come about the name AMIBO ISLAND?

Kisha: is my brain child initiative. Any other trying to copy it, should be ready to face A Legal Slam….hahaha👅😝

Question: How Long Has it been in existence?

Kisha: We just marked our 5th year Anniversary. Before now, i had other brands i was working for until the emergence of WWW.AMIBOISLAND.COM. This blog was created on 20th April 2013. From blogspot to and finally to .com

Question: Its awesome to note that certainly, the journey hasn’t been an easy one. What motivate you?

Kisha: A lot of things motivates me. Even a kid in the street does.

Question: Who do you look up to?

Kisha: I am a very religous person so i look up to God, Myself, My Family, The Society. Just everybody….lol

Question: I Meant To say, Who is your role model

Kisha: I am one with no political affiliation and like i mentioned earlier, any one can motivate me but sincerely, i Have 2 Role Models and they are: Genevieve Nnaji & Linda Ikeji. I am an embodiment of this two great personalities but the only difference between Genevieve & I is that i take My own drama Online…..Hahaha👅👅👅👅😝🙌

Question: How Do You React To Controveries?

K I S H A: Do i look like i care 😎? Hahaha…the truth is that i enjoy been dragged & i love reading it too..hahaha. I go be like “joining them in blasting myself too…hahaha👅👅👅😝

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