I Can Remember Wanting to Promote Four of My Songs at The Same Time yet I had No Money in My pocket – Controversial Blogger Kisha Recalls As She Celebrates Fellow Blogger, Favor Ibex

Imo Based Blogger and Cinematographer, Favour Ibex, CEO Of Pot Of Africa is a year older today. Though many might have known him for His Brand and what it represents but for me, I know him for something more and it wouldn’t be fair if I don’t appreciate him for it.

As a young female Musician who just relocated to a new environment, it was a bit difficult to build a business relationship. I struggled to trust folks in the entertainment industry based on what it stands for.

As time went by, I understood Favor Ibex and I were building something much more than just a promotional alliance.


Our friendship grew to the extent that His family and friends became my pals. It’s crazy to say this but would you believe that “I even bought the Second Laptop I ever used from him”? Though it didn’t last but it served it’s purpose! Lmao..

As far back as 2013-2014, I can remember wanting to promote Four of My Songs at the same time to boost my Presence in the Entertainment industry back home but guess what? This fellow embarking on this huge project as perceived didn’t even have up to 10k in her pocket…(Bloggers atala afifia I swear) hahaha… yet he took the little he got and gave it his best shot with over 5 blogs though Upcoming but what did you expect? Link no be link???? Lmao πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.


Someone would say “Is Kisha Not A Blogger? Yes, I was already a blogger at that time. In fact I started blogging as far back as 2011 but as a publisher for another Firm which though a bit popular then but wouldn’t dare to risk mixing business with pleasure. Even as a staff, you would dare to publish personal items which weren’t approved by the Owner on the blog else you’d see you article pulled down and on the other side, AMiBOISLAND was way too young as perceived, to create the kind of media presence any upcoming Artiste in this present generation wanted… BUT as it were, he accepted my Penny.

Even without the form of procrastination Upcoming musician face daily in the hands of their online promoters, the services were rendered.

This is one of the Reasons why today, he can wake me up in the middle of the night to assist him with whatsoever publication and you’ll see me hurrying off my bed to attend to his request even without any form of monetary agreement or demand.

Thank you for standing the test of time Bro m. Thank you for not letting Negative Vices, juvenile delinquencies and all the negative vices that comes with Modernity elude you of your Sense Of Humour and Morals. Thank you for being My friend. Thank you for being My Brother.

Neither gold nor silver have I but the least I can do is to wish you an amazing birthday. May God Grant you all the Assurance you need in life to be successful.

Happy Birthday Nwannem


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