Nigerian DJ Reportedly Tortured To Death In Rented Apartment In Turkey

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Nigerian DJ Emmanuel Ifeanyi Okonyia aka EmmyJay who worked for night clubs in Turkey has been tortured and murdered in his apartment.

According to the agent who leased the house to Emmanuel, he had tried to reach him on his cell phone for several days but it didn’t go through, so he decided to open up the apartment with his own set of keys.

The real estate agent said he found the body of Emmanuel bound hands and feet with a cable. He quickly backed out of the apartment to inform the landlady who alerted the police.

Health and police teams were dispatched to the scene after the landlady was informed. The medical team who were there with the police, confirmed that Emmanuel İfeanyi Okonyia was long dead.

Investigation revealed he was tortured to death and a knife was also found beside his body.

The friends and family of the diseased when informed were inconsolable.

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