Okorocha should be Glad FFK Identified his Name with “Intellectual”, There’s Nothing Intellectual about a Governor Who Hated to Read Anything on Papers – Ihedioha’s Aide

While Reacting to the Media war between the Immediate past Governor of Imo state, Senator Rochas Okorocha and Ex-aviation minister, Femi Fani Kayode, Barr. Kissinger Ikeokwu, a Lawyer, Public Affairs and opinion analyst and appointe of the Rebuild Imo Government has described FFK’s call-out as solely for Okorocha and not for Ndi Igbo as presumed by many.

While Describing Okorocha’s 8yrs in Office as a failure, revealed that he should be happy FFK identified his name with the word “intellectual”, because there is nothing intellectual about a man who in his eight years as governor hated to read anything on PAPERS. Read his post below:


Since FFK used one phrase to rap up Okorocha’s eight years of Iberibeism, his miserable iberibeism apostles have been running amok seeking an equalization of the FFK Atomic Bomb.

Listen and listen good. Senator Okorocha must carry his cross. FFK did not insult Ndi Igbo. What he echoed was the feeling of almost all other guest speakers who graced the occasion.

Okorocha had every opportunity to show leadership with the Southeast Governor’s Forum, but he chickened out. By 2015 he was the oldest Southeast Governor having seen off the Abia, Anambara, Enugu, and Ebonyi givernors who were Governorship mates of his predecessor Ikedi Ohakim.

Okorocha had the opportunity to place Imo on the map by showing the way as the Eastern Heartland but he failed. Tell me one reason why Ndi Igbo should weep for Okorocha or show collective empathy because FFK called him an “intellectual Barbarian? Maka why? Okorocha should be glad FFK identified his name with the word “intellectual”, because there is nothing intellectual about a man who in his eight years as governor hated to read anything on papers.

In terms of alliances, his flippancy made it difficult for him to build strong alliances that would have united his fellow southeastern governors. His inferiority complex made him abdicate leadership to Governor Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State. Even as the only southeast APC State, President Buhari never honored him with a State Visit from 2015-2019.

In performance, Governor Umahi outshone him by miles even as a second term governor.

On National issues he never stood for Ndi Igbo in his eight years. Rather than show leadership in programs that promotes Igbo unity, he was busy hosting retiring Presidents of African countries with Imo tax payer’s monies. To Okorocha and his apologists, Hosting Jacob Zuma of South Africa and President Allen Johnson Sirliff of Liberia was a record achievement. Today Imo is making the news for the right reasons. The global image of Imo State is being transformed by a purposeful and focused leadership. Never again shall Imo spend monies for people to come and watch statues of ancestors.

I have seen them struggling for the past three days just to get adequate reply to FFK’s single phrase that rapped up their master eight years of misgovernance. Tried as they could, they end up not scratching the matter. In their frustration they turn to Ohakim or Governor Ihedioha.

The truth is that FFK did not insult Ndi Igbo. He made a scathing remark describing the eight years of plague and backwardness Rochas dragged the Eastern Heartland, a state known to have the highest level of educational advancement in Nigeria.

The merchants of iberibeism should lick their wounds in quietness and sobriety and leave the rest of us alone. We know when someone insults Ndi Igbo. Okorocha and his apologists cannot take us in with their cheap emotional crisis. We are educated and wise enough to know when a non-Igbo insults Ndi Igbo. For this one, the man described the state of Imo after eight years of Okorocha hocus pocus.

The FFK jab was about Okorocha’s eight years of failure and not about his Igboness.

Abeg make una let us hear word.

Na Kissinger Ikeokwu write this one🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨


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