Radio DJ Stripped Naked And Assaulted For Alleging Actresses Trade S* x For Movie Roles

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A Tamale radio dj was stripped naked
and assaulted by local movie makers
after he claimed they were giving out
movie roles to actresses based on s *xual
favours and not merit.
Adam Mustapha , a DJ with North Star radio , made the allegation on air and was assaulted by a group of the disgruntled film makers not long after .
Mustapha sustained serious injuries in the attack , which occurred after he was lured into a bush and attacked by a mob using weapons.
He ’ s currently being treated for his
injuries .

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“ My whole body is paining me. I hardly
talk for long, and my breath isn ’ t enough
when I talk for long .” Mustapha said
from his hospital bed .
He said he was saved by an old man
passing by who heard his screams for
help and begged those attacking him to
let him go .
Mustapha has vowed to pursue police
action to ensure all his attackers are
brought to book .

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