There is no Economic Justice In Nigeria – Barrister Ufeli

A Lagos base lawyer, Barrister Evans Ufeli has indicted that there is no economic justice in Nigeria.

Ufeli who made this known during an exclusive interview with World Elite News on the major causes of youths restiveness in Nigeria also observed that Nigeria lacks a better structure which could sustain economic growth.
Highlighting other factors to include parental composition which he said has deeply gone down, the influence of the Media, especially when it comes to negative behaviours.

According to him, ” The most important thing which the society is so obsessed with now is materialism. Premium is no longer place on intellectual acquisition as against material acquisition. He cited Others as poverty and political leadership, even as he took swap on for its inability not to been able to access democracy for the past years. He stated that if government has strives very hard to provide basic amenities, people wouldn’t have been migrating from rural areas to urban seeking for employment, thus paved way to criminality.

In his words, “Government can spare the huge amount they suppose to spend on security, equipping the police, armies and all the security agencies, and therefore provide social amenities at local government levels and take care of educational system because there is fault in the educational system. It is also one of the factors of negative behaviours among the youths.” He went on to explained his point

“When you have Youths who have never gone to the fore wall of the university, they know nothing, they are just out there looking for what to do, what to eat, drink alcohol or anything to do. You know Youths, they have so much energy. They are restless. If you look at the structure in the North East, we have Boko Haram security issues. Most of those perpetuating this offences and crimes are Youths between the ages of 18 and 35.
When you go to the Niger Delta, you will see that there is also a huge militancy today, alot of injustice have been metted on them and the community by the Federal Government.”

Now, when you come to Lagos, you have Badoo, Aiye, different kinds of cultism. We have over 64 percent of youths population, and this suppose to be a blessing, a source of strength, but it has becomes a source of worried to us because the government is not maximizing it however the .Barister who is also a human right activist and a radio presenter gives a solution “In order to curb this issues of youths restiveness in the country ,we have to look into the issue of that parenting responsibility it I’d a is critical, issue that government must look into the government must also develop rural communities by providing social amenities, administrative securities for the well being of the citizens, while educational system must be revamped to reflect the 21st century so as to minimize the level of youths restiveness. He further added that entry point into the Universities should be reduced.

He therefore called on the government to play their roles as well as the religious institutions to distance themselves from politicians and halt singing praises to them for financial purpose, as this is not their responsibility. Their responsibility is to teach moral instructions; He stated thus.

“Technology must also be involve, people should be train in the area of Science and Technology.

A lot of youths are talented on Science and Technology. Government must check back because that is where the world is airing at. Some Youths are good in IT, but because there are no platforms, they use it for yahoo, and other negative things.
There must be reformation and rehabilitation in order to eliminate some of the ills in the society “, he concluded

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