US gym doctor, Larry Nassar is accused of s*xually assaulting over 100 girls and women

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In March 2017, Larry Nassar, a longtime
doctor for USA Gymnastics and Michigan
State University, was charged with sexually
assaulting dozens of girls and women he
has treated over the past 20 years. The girls
and women in the case, most of them
current and former competitive gymnasts,
accuse him of using his medical practice to
sexually assault them, digitally penetrating
them without gloves or lubricant and
fondling their breasts and buttocks often
while visibly aroused.
Nassar has since been charged in state
court with molesting former patients under
the guise of pelvic treatments.
He is also charged in federal court with
possession of child pornography and has
been named in dozens of lawsuits.
He has pleaded not guilty to all charges and
says his treatments were medically

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